About ESS

With a significant amount of experience in large events, venues, broadcast, motorsport, site specific events and production, we are able to support you from planning through to event or production delivery.

Who are we?


ESS are a consultancy company providing health and safety support, crowd management planning, food safety support and licensing assistance to events, productions, venues and businesses.


We have been providing support for large events, high profile companies and clients to venues, studios and businesses for many years. Founded by a specialist in the business, ESS pride themselves on their customer focused support and approach - relevant and appropriate to the industry. Take a look at the relevant areas below. 



Planning an event? Maybe an outdoor event from 100 people to over 10,000? We can support you whatever the size and nature of the project. 

We have supported a variety of outdoor events, including site specific productions in locations you would never even think an event would take place.


Our support includes pre-event planning, contingency planning, documentation and attending safety advisory group meetings (SAG).


Our on site support offers monitoring during the event build, live and derig, ensuring your event is a success.


Have a question relating to this, or would like to find out how we can help with your pre-construction phase arrangements (or other roles and responsibilities relevant to Construction (Design and Management) regulations [CDM for short]), then don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.



If you're running a venue or business and need safety support or advice, then feel free to get in touch with us.


ESS have provided support to a number of venues throughout the UK, including documentation support, fire risk assessments, production risk assessment reviews, retained services for contact and advice, safety audits, inspections plus much more.


We can offer help and support regardless of the size of venue or its location. Our retainers are available for ongoing advice or support, which can include annual retainers or project based retainers. 

This option provides assistance for key projects/productions rather than a full year. 


More information can be found about our services by visiting our Services  page of this website. You can also find our contact details or enquiry form by going to the contact page of this site.



ESS provide services to productions which can include project specific support, such as planning and documentation, to a long term retainer service. 

The retainer service option can include basic telephone and online support, to a safety service with allocated resource and services. 

Please visit our services page for more details regarding retainer services.



ESS can provide a number of online training courses, or face to face training session to venues, production companies and events.

Our training can be bespoke to your event, capturing specifics such as emergency arrangements etc. or one of our regular courses, such as Senior Managers Briefing, Fire Warden or Event Production Safety course.

Take a look at our training page and feel free to contact us for more details, or to book a course.



ESS have a significant number of years supporting broadcast, film and studios. We can offer support from online and telephone advice, to risk assessment reviews or onsite support. 

With a wealth of experience from entertainment programmes to drama, we can support your whole project from green light to wrap.


In addition, we have supported studios with their own compliance as well as visiting productions. 


Contact us for further details or more information regarding project agreements