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Bio Fogging Arches

The range of dry & wet mist cleansing and sanitising solutions work in conjunction with a non harmful, odourless and tasteless, hypoallergenic disinfecting solution that can be applied directly to the skin or clothing with no side effects, clinical research has proven that 100ppm or more disinfects viruses including Influenza A (H1N1) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV), COVID 19, SARS and MERS viruses. Disinfection results range from LOG 4.8 to LOG 5.4 (better than 99.99% effective in all cases).

Our product allows people, luggage, equipment and animals to move 100% safely through a wall of dry or wet mist disinfectant minimising the transfer of unwanted viruses and infectious diseases when entering a premises, open air event or any space where infection control is of paramount importance.

With a product as versatile as ours, we are able to custom our designs to fit doorways, ticket offices, waiting rooms and other entry applications.

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By usilising the range of systems (patent pending) you can be assured of minimising the transfer of
unwanted viruses and infectious diseases for those entering your premises, open air event or any space
where you feel infection control and continuous public or personnel flow is of paramount importance.

Our systems use 10-20 micron droplet (Dry Mist at a run rate PN 0.234 LTR/M) produced from a 10 BAR/145 PSI pressure pump or 25 micron droplet (wet mist at a run rate PN 0.078 LTR/M) from a 7 BAR /101 PSI pump. Both draw fluid from either a 25, 50, 100 or 1,000 litre reservoir dependant upon demand and can be connected to a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to minimise wastage. We can also offer automated lighting within some of our systems

  • The sanitiser used is entirely organic and harmless if ingested

  • It is a water based disinfectant that does not dry out the skin

  • Scientifically proven effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi including COVID 19, SARS & MERS

  • It is a fragrance free and almost odourless disinfectant

  • It contains no alcohol and unlike alcohol based disinfectants, it is gentle on the skin and avoids 
    irritating or drying out the skin when frequently used and is based on a scientifically proven formula,
    used by hospitals in Japan, Russia, S Korea and many other countries

  • Offers longer lasting protection compared to alcohol based disinfectants.


The arches are bespoke to your needs and take up to 2 weeks lead up time.

As a result, pricing can only be provided after assessing requirements and needs.

As a result, please complete the questions below, to obtain a quote. 

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