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Thirty injured after video screen collapses onto fans at rap concert

The screen collapse during a Casper and Marteria gig in the German city of Essen may have been caused by stormy weather

The arena containing 20,000 people was evacuated after the screen gave way (Image:


Thirty people have been injured after a giant screen collapsed onto fans at a rap concert in Germany.

The rapper Casper and hip hop artist Marteria were on stage when the huge LED monitor came crashing down during stormy weather in the city of Essen. 

A police spokeswoman told German media 30 people were hurt, two of them with life-threatening injuries.

The aftermath was described by one reveller as "absolutely chaotic".

Two people suffered life-threatening injuries, while another eight were seriously hurt (Image:


A police statement said, according to WAZ: "There are both light and severely injured.

"Some of the injuries are due to falling stage elements.

"Of the 30 injured persons two are in mortal danger. Eight other concertgoers were seriously injured."

Original article by The Mirror For the purposes of news and information.

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